one2many (2004-2011)

Around 2004, I joined the original rock band, one2many,  which was led by lead singer and lyricist Dave Jensen.  I played keyboard and did a bit of BG singing.  Gradually, I introduced some of my own songs.  When I joined the group, it was in a sort of membership-flux and without a bassist, yet about to record a CD.  A friend of mine and excellent bassist and saxophonist, Doug Rhodes, stepped in to record bass and sax for us, enabling us to finish the CD.  Also hugely helpful was Tom Morrissey who engineered the recording at his studio in Victoria.  The band-members on the recording were Dave, drummer Mike O’Leary, acoustic guitarist Roger Williams, guitarist Doug McHarg, and me. 

Tragically, though, Roger passed away before he could celebrate the album’s completion….  We carried on, of course.  We did eventually play live.  And a particularly nice treat for me was that my sister Anne Reed joined us as a singer for two or three gigs.  Saxophonist Rainer Willeke was also a featured guest. 

Subsequently, though, the band slowly diminished in size.  By 2009, there was just Dave and me.  We performed a few gigs as a duo and in 2010, with some musician friends, we recorded and released a 6-pack of songs. 

By that time, though, I was getting musically itchy and I had already been arranging my music for strings.  So, in 2011, I left the duo.  Before the end of that year, I had already publicly performed some of my songs in a piano quintet (piano+string quartet).  I’m happy to see that Dave is out there gigging and recording with a new version of one2many.