Projects - 1984 to the present

I was 30 before I ever embarked seriously on my own music project. That was the Jonnē Krōm band that I describe below. Prior to that, I had been in – and inspired and influenced by – a folk-rock ensemble, an original/cover rock band, and a couple of amateur musical theatre productions. I had also performed solo and professionally, variously, in coffee-houses, talent shows, weddings, lounges, and such. I had even done some touring as a lounge pianist. I was an AFM member in 1983 (though I let my membership lapse soon after and I didn’t join again until 1996; and I remain a member today.) I have composed music since age 5, though I didn’t write any lyrics until I was about 23.  Since then (decades ago!), my music friends and I have shared many challenging and rewarding experiences, some of which I relate here for your reading, viewing, and listening pleasure. Revisit occasionally, too, as yet-to-be music adventures will make their way to the past.