The Music Projects of Mark Reed

from a synapse to the universe

from a synapse to the universe

This site is a place where I can share my music, songs mostly.  There are also stories, photos, and a few videos of some of the music groups that I’ve been in: Jonnē Krōm, The Fault, U.N.I, one2many, a piano & string ensemble, Big Speck.  My bandmates and I played a lot of songs and most of them were our own.  And most of those are or will be available here.  For those of you who remember us when, some of this site will be a bit of a nostalgia trip for you.

A central reason to put this site together is to get the music that my bandmates and I wrote and performed a chance for others to hear, to give the songs the recognition that they deserve.  I’m proud of my own songs, of course; but I’m equally proud of the songs written by my bandmates; and we played them pretty well, too, if I say so myself.  We would be thrilled to have others perform them.  So, take a listen.

This site is a work-in-progress.  I’m uploading the music as I get it digitized and mastered.  It’s not all up here yet.  Check back, every now and then, or sign up for updates at the bottom of the News page.  Same with the sheet music for piano, piano/strings, piano/strings/choir, and even for orchestra.  And if you want a music score for a song you hear here but for which there isn’t one, let me know.

Another main reason for this site is to share not just the music, but also the ideas and messages conveyed in the music, through the lyrics.  I believe that, while the melody, rhythms, and arrangements generate emotion, lyrics give the music meaning.  I’m also an animal rights and eco-social justice activist and I try to write lyrics from the point-of-view of an objective observer of life on Earth.  To that end, I’ve also written a science-fiction oratorio that I plan to develop into a musical.  So, check out the lyrics, too.

As for performing live, immediate plans are temporarily on hold, thanks mainly to COVID-19.  But solo piano performances and me together with other singers and musicians of various ensemble sizes are planned.  Ideas and opportunities are welcome.

Thanks for being here.