Music Projects - Current


  • Mastering and making available on various media much of the backlog of audio recordings of my past music projects
  • Making available for streaming selected videos of my past music projects
  • Continue producing solo piano scores of most of my music pieces
  • Continue arranging my music for various instrument combinations, especially piano/string ensembles with multi-voice
  • Continue writing lyrics
  • Continue developing the Jonnē Krōm story, especially for oratorio and musical theatre, including to take on the road
  • Continue writing music
  • Develop and undertake live shows for solo and small ensemble performance, including to take on the road (e.g., house concerts, small venue recitals, concerts)



Orchestral Debut (postponed due to COVID)


The plan was that the Palm Court Light Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Charles Job, would perform the orchestral debut of my song “Message to Home”.  It would be the orchestral debut of any of my music.  And it was my first arrangement for orchestra.  The first orchestral rehearsal run-thru went well, in February 2020.  Then COVID-19 struck.  The concert, scheduled for April 2020, was postponed.  Bummer!  Stay tuned.